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Girl for all seasons [entries|friends|calendar]
Kimberly Anne

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Smoke my tears away ¤

Yes. [Thursday December 4, 2:19am]
Love by ruby mae
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Your meeting was byChance
They are yourShoulder to cry on
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I've got 2 Cigarettes to Smoke my tears away ¤

[Monday November 3, 5:29pm]
4:45pm, November 3rd, 2008

I love you, puppy.

I've got 3 Cigarettes to Smoke my tears away ¤

[Friday July 6, 5:50am]
For $100,000:

"If y=3x, and 3x=12, what is the number value of y?"


I've got 2 Cigarettes to Smoke my tears away ¤

YESSSSSSSS!!! [Thursday April 19, 3:59pm]
I most definitely JUST got my license and JUST drove myself to Loyola to study for a final that I'm definitely failing.
But the good side is it's GORGEOUS outside and I parallel parked perfectly without hitting anyone/thing and feel so so so good.

I've been catcalled 3 times today. WTF. All black guys, too. One driving a minivan. This is really lame. Am I suddenly superhotomg because I'm driving a stupid looking car? I guess I must look better by comparison.


OK back to studying now.

Yaaaay license!

Smoke my tears away ¤

FutureSex/LoveShow, etc. [Tuesday January 23, 10:15pm]
I wish tickets weren't so damn expensive and hard to get.

Since I picked up the new JT album, I've been slowly regretting more and more that I didn't follow my little-girl instincts and try to get some tickets. I don't care how lame some people say he is, he's damn good at what he does and I admire his talents.

That, and he makes me swoon.

In other news, I've been looking into everything Concordia offers trying to find something I can switch into that I'll actually like. Over the last few weeks, I've figured out that I'm only doing a BComm in Accountancy because it's what I hated the least. I'm good at it, I got a 96%, so I liked it. But I really don't think it's something I'll be happy doing for the rest of my life.

I don't know what I want to do anymore. I talked to Derek all about what he's doing, and it sounds really interesting, but I'm worried about job opportunities once I'm done.

It also makes me lean towards teaching math in high school again. I could find a way maybe to do a double degree and get the Human Relations, maybe be able to take the education courses offered at McGill through the transfer programs, and be able to go work in a high school as a math teacher and student life adviser (or something similar). Maybe I could do what sounds like the most fun right now; switch to human relations, and get cracking with Derek and open up our camp/facility/business. Running a "camp", doing the bookkeeping with the accounting knowledge I have so far, having a well rounded career.

I could even just do my BComm and have the knowledge it takes to run a business like that, find out what major would be best, and do a minor in accountancy instead. Maybe I'll change my major to Human Resources, it might be similar to Human Relations.

Or I could stick with what I thought was my original plan, and just go into Actuarial Math and Finance in the fall. I at least know with that job that I'll be guaranteed a high salary and job security. However, I could end up being bored to tears, which is exactly why I want to switch out of business in the first place.

I don't know. I have a lot of thinking to do. I wish it was easier to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.

This Song makes me feel alive. And it makes me swoon.

At least I can still be moved by music.

I've got 1 Cigarette to Smoke my tears away ¤

[Monday January 15, 5:42pm]
My Business Communications teacher is a slightly chubbier, mousier, less funny version of Greg Proops.

I've got 2 Cigarettes to Smoke my tears away ¤

[Thursday January 11, 3:16am]
Why is it that I'm never tired when I should be?
I can be exhausted all day, and when it comes to be time to get to bed, I'm more awake than ever. I can lay in bed for hours and not catch even a glimmer of sleep. Nothing.

It's a pain in the ass. Fuck you, body clock.

I've got 1 Cigarette to Smoke my tears away ¤

Mothafuck [Monday January 8, 4:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

School is dicks.

Not that it sucks, so much as it's far. I miss having the school relatively out my back door.

Today was an exceptional pain in the ass, as I got up today to have lunch, relax, take a long shower, get on a bus, and be 15 minutes early for class so I didn't stress out about anything.
That, of course, ended up being me forgetting what time my class was, panicking, rushing in and out of the shower, not eating anything, sprinting to catch the bus, forgetting my mac power cord and basically everything I might need for school, pencil and paper included, and only realising 20 minutes later that I was going to end up being about an hour and a half early for school. Of course I was almost late for class anyway because, after I ate something, I went to the book store to find some shit to write on and with, and ended up in the line-up for the slowest cashier known to man.


And now my cell battery is nearly dead. Ughughughugh.

On the bright side, I had some beef pad thai for lunch. And I'm going to go home and watch the Family Stone because it got rented and I may as well do SOMETHING for myself today.

Well... I did do something for myself.

Some crazy marketing student approched me in the metro and sold me something. I almost feel like an idiot for buying it, but the more I think about it the better it feels. $50, about $57 after taxes, got me a "special treatment" package to Chez Stephanie in the Sheraton hotel. I get a deep conditionning treatment, hair style consultation, scalp massage, haircut&wash&style, colour&perm consultation, 15% off colouring, highlights&wash&style, hand&foot care consultation, hand&foot exfoliation, hand&forearm&foot massage, manicure, pedicure, and various products/treatent samples&recommendations. Basically, $300+ worth of make-me-feel-like-I'm-worth-something. I think I'll appreciate it. The colour discounts will probably come in handy for when I MIGHT go back to blonde. Or something. Maybe I'll start with those deep red/burgandy highlights I wanted forever ago. I have until May to use it, anyway.


Today still feels shitty.

What a fucking boring post. I'm sorry you read this.

I've got 1 Cigarette to Smoke my tears away ¤

Uhhhhh [Friday December 22, 1:56pm]
Three more days 'till Christmas.

And it still doesn't feel like it :(

Boooo no snow.

On the plus side, I got my hair cut and I think I really actually like it this time. So uhh. That's three things off my original Christmas list that I got/am getting.


It feels like Christmas all of a sudden.

I am very incoherent

Have a very 8-bit Christmas!

I've got 3 Cigarettes to Smoke my tears away ¤

. [Wednesday November 22, 9:45pm]
2 thumbs way way up for having the most expensive christmas wish-list ever.Collapse )

At least I know what I want, for once.

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